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With my paintings I want to free given
thought patterns, mind sets  and feelings  and take viewers with me
into a new, powerful experience beyond language.


"The intuitive and abstract use of color, lines and shape is my way of processing my daily experiences.


I absorb colors and shapes, events and conversations, let them trigger an inner dialogue, inner images, and then transform this conglomerate on the canvas into my very personal, visual reality. Because of the expressiveness and naturalness of the color, I prefer to use classic media such as egg tempera and oil paints.


This sensual - emotional act on the screen creates something new that is not a message, but wants to illuminate the little secrets of life, without which this world cannot exist. My art opens the space in front of the words and thus creates a new freedom of immediate knowledge and experience. It absorbs human longings, experiences and visions and gives them a new urgency and substance. " The curator Nell Cardozo wrote about my works: “There is a generous intimacy in Schott’s use of colour that coaxes out a subtle interplay between comfort and longing. Looking into them is like looking into a dream that belongs to some common consciousness.”

Art historian Amalia Gonser

 "All basic themes of human existence resonate within them: love, sex, vulnerability, memory and ephemerality, and again and again the transience of the experienced moment. She draws additional inspiration from experiences of nature, from contemplating the works of artists similar to her, and from literary sources that are vital to her.

In doing so, she creates fascinating, at times disturbing and deeply touching images of people. "

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