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As an abstract painter working mainly with oil paints, my art is an exploration of inner visions, everyday life, music, poems, and personal experiences.

Through the interplay of colors, textures, and shapes, my paintings seek to unravel the complexities of the human psyche, guiding towards self-discovery and introspection. Like melodies woven into a symphony, my art resonates with the unspoken chords that stir our souls and opens a door to the unconscious, a world beyond words. As I immerse myself in the creative process, I allow my intuition to  lead the way towards the unknown. This sense of liberation is an integral part of my artistic journey.


I like to scribble into my paintings to support the process and to gather all that is important in the moment. My scribblings are my thoughts, my associations and memories, thus creating a meta-level different from the shapes and colours in my paintings. In order to have my intuitive part speaking I mostly draw with my left hand.


My primary medium is oil, cherished for its softness, its capacity to forgive mistakes, and the profound depth and naturalness of its colors. At the end of my creative process, oil seems to have permeated every corner of my studio and my cloths. Yet, I revel in this delightful creative chaos. It aligns with the wisdom shared by the German writer Arno Geiger: „Art does not save us from chaos but from order."

Ultimately, my artistic vision is to create a space where viewers can find solace and inspiration—a place where art becomes a catalyst for personal growth and transformation.

Art scientist Amalia Gonser writes:

All basic themes of human existence re- sonate within Petra Schott*s work: love, sex, vulnerability, memory and ephemerality, and again and again the transience of the experienced moment.

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