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Petra Schott

Petra Schott, a German abstract painter, weaves her art around

her  everyday life as a woman, longings, and memories thus seeking answers to basic questions of life. 

She embarked on a Fine Arts Degree at the Art Academy in Kassel after her second law exam, embracing her creative calling. While working as a lawyer and judge she developed her career as a painter, seeking a delicate balance in life.

Since, in 2014, she bid farewell to the legal field, her artistic journey has been captivating the attention of national and international galleries, art critics, and collectors. Influenced by Cy Twombly, Tracey Emin, Cecily Brown, Martha Jungwirth, and Joan Mitchell, her emotionally charged artwork invites viewers into an open space of imagination and introspection.

With her brush, Schott delicately composes colorful representations of nostalgia, human relationships and the intangible realm of nature. Her works feature loosely outlined human bodies, creating an abstract language that dances between lyrical abstraction and figurative references and opens the door towards the unconscious.The artist combines emotions with research into relationship and the human psyche, focusing on the fragility, sensitivity, and spirituality of humanity.

Art curator Nell Cardozo observes, "There is a generous intimacy in Schott’s use of color that coaxes out a subtle interplay between comfort and longing. Looking into them is like looking into a dream that belongs to some common consciousness.“


Petra Schott regularly exhibits, both nationally and internationally and is represented by galleries in UK, US, France and Germany.

She was awarded the Jackson’s Painting Prize for non-representational art in 2023. Her art has been published in numerous magazines, among them Create Magazine and Art Seen.

Petra Schott teaches one workshop per year at Kunstakademie Eigenart in Bad Heilbrunn, Germany.

She is represented by several galleries:

Tappan Collective, Los Angeles, US

Globe Fine Art Gallery, Santa Fe, US

Mirena Art Gallery, Saint Paul de Vence, FR

Hancock Gallery, Newcastle, UK

Drift Art Gallery, Nantwich, UK

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