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  • WWY Gallery Beirut, Soloexhibition, July

  • Pamela Walsh Gallery, Palo Alto, group exhibition, May/June

  • Hancock Gallery, Affordable Art Fair London, March

  • Soloexhibition Gallus Theater Frankfurt, January- February



  • Solo exhibition  Studio Novo Artspace Cologne, November 23-end of February 24

  • Solo exhibition at Galerie Das Bilderhaus, Frankfurt, October/November

  • Group exhibition Pashmin Art Gallery, HamburgOctober

  • Group exhibition The Bankside Gallery, London, July

  • Group exhibition Archive Art Museum, Beijing, June/July

  • Group exhibition Tappan Collective, Los Angeles, USA

  • Group exhibition Pashmin Art Gallery Bad Tölz, April

  • Solo exhibition Hancockgallery Newcastle, UK, February/March



  • Group exhibition Art Association Family Montez Frankfurt, December

  • 'Zweizigartig' solo exhibition, Eyecandy Frankfurt, Temple of art, November

  • Group exhibition 'Zeitkonserven', Kunstverein Eulengasse, Frankfurt, October




  • Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt, Frankfurt Exhibition Hall (November 4th-7th)

  • Solo exhibition in the Nebbien Garden House of the Frankfurt Artists' Club, Frankfurt, 12 p.m. - 6 p.m., closed on Mondays (October 7th - 24th)

  • Group exhibition, “And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming”, Azaro Art Spaces, Brooktorkai 20, Hamburg (January 9-30, 2021)


  • Collective art show, Galerie van Gogh, Madrid 

  • Exhibition at the Sonia Monti Gallery, Paris 

  • Group exhibition - Mutuo Art Gallery/Fresh Rice Initiative, Barcelona

  • International Contemporary Art Fair Monaco - Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid 

  • Group exhibition at Galleria Accorsi d’Arte, Venice 

  • Solo exhibition Remisengalerie Hanau, Hanau Cultural Association 

  • Group exhibition Galleria Kookos, Helsinki 

  • Solo exhibition Kunstverein Eulengasse 


  • Group exhibition “Small Formats” at the Kunstverein Eulengasse, Frankfurt

  • Group exhibition Paulskirche Frankfurt with BBK Frankfurt

  • Group exhibition “we contemporary” with Musa Art Space in Prague, Art Consulting BRNO

  • Group exhibition “little treasures” in Bologna, Gallery De Marchi,

  • Group exhibition in the workshop for the Schlüchterner Kulturwerkwoche 

  • Project with Kunstverein Eulengasse, Frankfurt; Preview of the works of 10 artists in Frankfurt on the topic of “socially acceptable”

  • Participation in the art festival “Summe” in Kleinbasel 

  • Solo exhibition art fair ArtMuc Munich, Praterinsel 

  • 3rd Biennale di Genova, in different buildings, organized by Satura Art Gallery, with catalog

  • Solo exhibition at the Offenbach Art Association

  • "Art Views", selected open studios throughout the city of Offenbach 

  • “Figure Play”, group exhibition in the Gallery of Fine Artists in the BBK Hanauer 

  • Woman’s Essence, Musaart Space, Palazzo Ca’ Zenobio, Venice (at the opening of the Biennale, with catalog) 


  • Exhibition Paulskirche, Frankfurt aM

  • Exhibition in Prague - Second part of the exhibition series of the Frankfurt Artists' Club Frankfurt - Prague - Bratislava

  • Exhibition “Humanwork2018”

  • Exhibition series Frankfurt – Prague – Bratislava from February to July 2018

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